Discover why digital accessibility cannot be overlooked by B2B organizations. From mitigating legal risks to enhancing client retention and meeting rising procurement standards, learn how prioritizing accessibility is crucial for growth and compliance.

Unlock Growth: Why Digital Accessibility is Essential for B2B Companies

Cause for worry? Recently, I have witnessed a critical oversight in B2B organizations approach to website accessibility standards: the belief that digital accessibility is less pertinent for B2B organizations. This is a dangerous assumption, especially considering the increasing legal and market-driven demands for accessible digital products. However, some B2B entities remain unaware of its significance, which puts them at risk of legal consequences and losing business.

Here are three pivotal reasons why embracing digital accessibility is crucial for B2B companies:

Legal Risks for B2B Companies:

It’s a misconception that B2B companies are immune from web accessibility lawsuits. Studies show that over a quarter of B2B organizations have faced legal enforcement actions related to digital accessibility in the past few years. Laws like the ADA, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and California Assembly Bill 1757, apply to B2B companies as well, making compliance a necessity.

Rising Standards in B2B Procurement:

The market is shifting, with a clear preference for accessible products. Studies show that over 70% of senior leaders consider digital accessibility a critical factor in software procurement. This trend is driven by the legal need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar global laws, especially for consumer-facing companies that use B2B software.

Client Retention Through Accessibility:

In my time as an ADA website claims defense attorney who has worked with B2B companies, I’ve seen how integrating accessible products not only drives sales but also enhances client satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, companies committed to inclusion are increasingly evaluating their vendors based on how well they align with these values, including in their digital offerings.

In summary, digital accessibility should be a proactive priority for B2B companies, not an afterthought. It is a catalyst for growth, client satisfaction, and legal risk mitigation. I advise B2B organizations to have legal counsel conduct a privileged evaluation of their products, websites, and mobile applications for conformance with the applicable digital accessibility standards. This proactive approach is key to avoid costly litigation and grow in the competitive B2B landscape.

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